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Occlusal Dentistry (Night Guards)

Occlusal guards or night guards are made to protect your teeth. It is very common for people to experience nighttime grinding of the teeth. This can become a severe problem because over time, this grinding will cause significant wear to the surface of your teeth, causing the longevity, aesthetics, and function of your teeth to diminish.

Occlusal guards help protect your teeth and provide a barrier between the upper and lower teeth during nighttime grinding. Down the road, occlusal guards may help you avoid paying unnecessary costs for dental restorations.

Our occlusal guards are custom made. Because your occlusal guard is fitted for you individually, it will stay in your mouth more comfortably when you are sleeping than store-bought occlusal guards.

If you have any questions about occlusal guards or what you need to do when coming to be fitted for an occlusal guard, please give us a call.